Body Piercing Santa Cruz, Ca.

Body Piercing Santa Cruz, CA

      Body Piercing by :      Thomas Garrison
& Alana


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 If you are under the age of 18 please have proper identification which includes a photo I.D. AND birth certificate. Your parent must be present with a photo I.D as well. 

Our stainless steel and titanium body jewelry meets or exceeds ASTM specifications for implant grade metals. We only sell internally threaded jewelry. If you have your own jewelry and would like us to pierce you with it we will need to inspect it first for flaws. We will not pierce you with externally threaded jewelry.

We stock a nice collection of 14 and 18kt Gold, and we carry palladium white gold as opposed to white gold loaded with nickel.

We have a great selection of stainless and titanium with gems, 18kt gold with gems, barbells of all gauges, lengths, diameters up to very large gauges. We have all sizes of circular barbells, curves, straights, and talons.

Our navel jewelry collection covers everything from implant grade stainless with simulated and genuine stones, to 18kt gold with simulated and genuine stones. Diamonds? Opals? We have it all.

Nostril jewelry? We have stainless with gems, 18kt yellow or palladium white gold with simulated gems, real rubies, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, citrines, opals, diamonds and more.

We have a huge selection of balls for your tongue barbell. Acrylics, stainless balls with gems set in them, No-C-Um's to hide that piercing and flat disks in all gauges. 18kt gold barbells with our without gems set in them, and we can set just about any stone your heart desires in a beautiful gold brilliant or cabochon setting.

Our organics collection includes amber, water buffalo horn, jades, amethysts, agates, obsidians, tektites, fossilized mastodon ivory, ammonites, every type of wood and much more. We carry very large gauge sizes in most organics.

We take our last piercing appointments no later than 7:30pm. Its always best to come in as early as possible as we get very busy in the afternoons.
We open every day at 12 noon.


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